by Stephanie | 1:02 am

Lost Soul

Lost Soul Disclaimer: All poems posted on this page are my own. No contributions were made. I own full rights to my work.  the summer bliss can break me down i used to love

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by Stephanie | 11:36 pm

An Unfinished Tale

An unfinished tale is a poem written from a collection of damaged memories that are still haunting me to this day. All Rights Reserved boxing out the pain usually means that you’ve put it

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by Stephanie | 2:42 am

Unsaid Words – Poetry

Here is a collection of forgotten pieces that have been sitting on the shelf looking at me with regrets, fear, exhaustion, and unsaid words full of question marks; because of that, I decided to

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by Stephanie | 4:28 am

Angel In Heaven – Poetry

Disclaimer: All of the poems on this website have been written by me. Photos have been edited by me as well. Angel In Heaven late nights and early mornings the birds sing our song

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by Stephanie | 11:23 pm

Nothing Matters Anymore – Poetry

There are times when nothing matters anymore and you just have to pretend like everything is okay just to get yourself throughout the day. My escape? Poetry.

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by Stephanie | 3:35 am

Never Good Enough – Poetry

Never Good Enough – Poetry  Quick disclaimer: All poetry, that you will hopefully read ahead, was completely written by me. Images were also created by me. All rights reserved.  Past, Present And The Future

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by Stephanie | 2:30 am

Life Struggles – Poetry

Life Struggles – Poetry As you may know, I love writing poetry and I love expressing my emotions through words and metaphorical ideas. This has been going on for so many years and even

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by Stephanie | 1:02 am

The Meaning Of My Life – Poetry

I’ve said it before in previous posts, but for those of you who didn’t know, I love poetry. I like the sound of it, the mixture between words and emotions, it’s just simply amazing

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by Stephanie | 10:53 pm

Poems About Depression

I don’t know about you guys but poetry has been with me for so long, it has been one of the most important aspects, when it comes to my personal life experiences. Poems about

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by Stephanie | 9:22 pm

Mental Health and Poetry -What You Need To Know

There’s something about the art of writing while dealing with your mental stability that simply amazes me. Your mind can be full of overwhelming things or memories, but one thing that can be developed

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