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Cutting People Off – It Takes Time

Cutting People Off Having such a forgiving heart can sometimes make your life really hard to manage, especially when you’re cutting people off. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds and it

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by Stephanie | 9:53 pm

Unbreakable Confidence Review

Unbreakable Confidence Review Living in a world that’s full of prejudices, where you can’t trust no one, much less maintain relationships, unbreakable confidence may be the best guide for you. Don’t think that I

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by Stephanie | 3:12 am

Living With Regrets

Living With Regrets Throughout my entire life, I still have not come across someone who is living life without regrets. We’re all living with regrets. Regret is such a strong word for some people,

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by Stephanie | 2:51 am

Mood Boost Review – Is It Worth It?

LES Labs Mood Boost Review According to the American Institute of Stress, about 77% of individuals experience stress that can have an impact on their physical health, another 73% of stressed individuals, their mental

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Natural Disasters And Mental Health – An Insider

Natural Disasters And Mental Health What is the first thing that we think about when we hear “natural disasters”? For some of you, it may be family, your safety, losing your house or your

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by Stephanie | 10:57 pm

Home Remedies For Insomnia – Top Needed Products

Home remedies for insomnia So many every day things can lead to insomnia and it’s really hard to find the right path towards getting ourselves into a good night rest. You’ve probably tried a

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by Stephanie | 11:53 pm

Collecting My Thoughts – Self Reflecting

Collecting my thoughts I am sure I’m not the only one whose mind has run wild, and suddenly you find yourself staying up until three in the morning, wondering if the thoughts inside your

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by Stephanie | 1:02 am

The Meaning Of My Life – Poetry

I’ve said it before in previous posts, but for those of you who didn’t know, I love poetry. I like the sound of it, the mixture between words and emotions, it’s just simply amazing

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by Stephanie | 11:45 pm

Milemont Memory Foam Pillow Review

Most of us who struggle with some type of mental disorder, usually we also end up having insomnia. We either sleep too much, or we don’t sleep at all. Have you been there? There

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by Stephanie | 7:51 pm

A New Year…Of What?

A new year…of what? At this point, I’m guessing I’m just way too over this life. I have been for the last few years, so any type of holiday seems like a huge amount

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