by Stephanie | 3:03 am

What is Writing to Wealth? – My Review

Are anxiety and depression keeping you from working and earning some extra money? When we’re dealing with our mental health, and we have nowhere to turn to, we often end up on the internet.

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by Stephanie | 1:49 am

Anxiety And Depression In the Workplace

Having to deal with a mental illness is never easy, but having to deal with it while also working, that’s a whole new level of decomposition. You start asking yourself if it’s really worth

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by Stephanie | 3:17 am

Talkspace Review – Is It Worth It?

Dealing with your emotions can be so exhausting and draining. Reaching out for help seems scary, and if you’re feeling like that, it’s okay. You’re not alone. Traditional therapy can be expensive, not to

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by Stephanie | 10:52 pm

Toxic Environment – Don’t Trust Toxic Behaviors

A lot of people may be experiencing this right now, and they might not even know it. You see, once you’re used to something, even if it’s bad, you feel like that’s how things

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by Stephanie | 11:17 pm

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Mental Health?

Diabetes and mental health, not something you will normally think about when you have any of these illnesses. You may not even know it, but your diabetes, no matter if it’s type 1 or

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by Stephanie | 12:00 am

Can Dogs Help With Depression? – Mental Health Insider

I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys know this already, but if you don’t, then let me give you a little insider. Dealing with a mental illness can be so time-consuming and draining.

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by Stephanie | 10:46 pm

Emotionally Abusive Family Members – What You Need To Know

As we grow up we’re told “oh at least you have a loving family” “you have something not all families have” “they can’t be that bad” and the usual “you’re overreacting”. We’re often scared

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by Stephanie | 4:01 am

A Look Inside My Mind

There’s so many things that lingers inside a writer’s mind. One of my main issues is trying to convince myself that my critical thinking doesn’t need to be influenced by other people or their

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by Stephanie | 6:05 pm

Alternatives For College – I Don’t Want A Degree

I’m not sure how many of you can actually say that you had an amazing experience during high-school, but I am almost sure most of you will say that you hated it. The amount

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