by Stephanie | 5:32 pm

The Best Writing Journals – You‘d Be Surprised

Some of us who struggle with our mental health sometimes tend to keep everything bottled up inside. We would love to talk about what we’re feeling with someone, but it becomes so hard to

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by Stephanie | 11:41 pm

Dealing With Toxic Family During The Holidays

Dealing With Toxic Family During The Holidays It’s that time of year…again. People are doing last-minute shopping, everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit and then there’s you who could not care less about

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by Stephanie | 3:56 am

Too Much…Of What?

Do you ever have those moments where everything just becomes too much? It may get overwhelming most of the time, especially if we’re not sure of the reason behind why we’re feeling a certain

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by Stephanie | 2:17 am

Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health – Book Review

Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health: A Complete Guide to the Food-Mood Connection Review I know you’re probably thinking “what in the world does mental health have anything to do with food?” right? I know

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by Stephanie | 7:19 pm

Dealing With Death

We have all been there. We all have those empty holes in our souls that won’t let us breathe in peace. Scars are permanent and even the smallest triggers can open up those healing

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by Stephanie | 11:09 pm

Joy-Filled Review – Mental Clarity Supplements

Joy-Filled Review It is estimated that more than 90% of the pharmaceutical supplements that you take, have some type of synthetic ingredient that is not doing justice for your organs. You may have tried

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by Stephanie | 5:21 pm

Eating Disrders and Diabetes – A Deadly Combination

Eating disorders and diabetes Eating disorders are so much common than what you may think. You may think “oh they’re just faking it for attention” or “get over it, it’s not that serious”, but

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by Stephanie | 11:21 pm

Living With PTSD – It’s Not What You Think It Is

Some people often think that living with PTSD is not something to be too concerned about. Others think that only veterans are the ones that are living with PTSD. So, is that true? PTSD,

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by Stephanie | 1:39 am

Six Steps To Sleep Review – How To Stay Asleep All Night?

If you’re like me, you have probably suffered from insomnia and you don’t know how to deal with the lack of sleep. I have tried so many things from meditation to even abusing over-the-counter

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by Stephanie | 10:53 pm

Poems About Depression

I don’t know about you guys but poetry has been with me for so long, it has been one of the most important aspects, when it comes to my personal life experiences. Poems about

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