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Father’s Day – A Letter To An Absent Father

Father’s Day – An Open Letter To An Absent Father Dear father, Being in my mid-twenties has shown me that in your lifetime you have to learn to walk on your own because there’s

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by Stephanie | 11:48 pm

Lying And Survival – How Lying Affects A Child’s Mentality

Lying And Survival Growing up in abusive households doesn’t really add any positive things to your life, but of course, we already know that. In fact, growing up in that situation makes you learn

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How To Change My Life

How To Change My Life? A question I’m sure most of us have asked ourselves ever since we hit that midlife crisis in our early years. By midlife crisis, I am talking about that

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“I’m fine” – What Does It Really Mean?

“I’m fine” – What Does It Really Mean? There’s a lot of misconceptions about what people with a mental illness say – when in reality we’re just hiding our feelings behind false claims –

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by Stephanie | 2:38 am

How To Relax Your Mind

How To Relax Your Mind Work, stress, family, social life, physical activity, financial problems, trauma, illnesses… how are you able to relax your mind? Life is a constant battlefield, full of chaotic events and

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Mental Health During A Pandemic

Mental Health During A Pandemic  A couple of months ago who would’ve thought that we would be living in the conditions that we currently are dealing with? In times like this, we need to

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Why Can’t I Concentrate?

Why Can’t I Concentrate? According to HealthLine, when we’re dealing with major depression episodes it can sometimes become nearly impossible to concentrate on a certain task; whether it’s studying, cooking, watching TV, reading, talking

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How To Adopt A Dog From A Shelter – My Story

How To Adopt A Dog From A Shelter I have always been a dog lover ever since I was a child, and now that I’m in my twenties I’ve decided that it was time

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How To Make Money Online By Using Your Phone

Make Money Online By Using Your Phone As someone who struggles with mental illnesses and disabilities, it’s sometimes extremely hard to find a job that suits you. Social anxiety can be a huge conflict

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What Are The Benefits Of A Massage Chair?

What Are The Benefits of a Massage Chair As we all know, life can get complicated at times. You probably come home after a whole day of work and you’re just exhausted, or maybe

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