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Living With Regrets

Living With Regrets Throughout my entire life, I still have not come across someone who is living life without regrets. We’re all living with regrets. Regret is such a strong word for some people,

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by Stephanie | 12:42 am

Natural Disasters And Mental Health – An Insider

Natural Disasters And Mental Health What is the first thing that we think about when we hear “natural disasters”? For some of you, it may be family, your safety, losing your house or your

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Home Remedies For Insomnia – Top Needed Products

Home remedies for insomnia So many every day things can lead to insomnia and it’s really hard to find the right path towards getting ourselves into a good night rest. You’ve probably tried a

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by Stephanie | 11:53 pm

Collecting My Thoughts – Self Reflecting

Collecting my thoughts I am sure I’m not the only one whose mind has run wild, and suddenly you find yourself staying up until three in the morning, wondering if the thoughts inside your

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by Stephanie | 7:51 pm

A New Year…Of What?

A new year…of what? At this point, I’m guessing I’m just way too over this life. I have been for the last few years, so any type of holiday seems like a huge amount

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by Stephanie | 6:36 pm

Facts About Social Anxiety – Reality Vs Society

I’m pretty sure that most of you have heard of the term “social anxiety”. Some of you still don’t have an idea of what social anxiety is, while some of you may know it

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The Best Writing Journals – You‘d Be Surprised

Some of us who struggle with our mental health sometimes tend to keep everything bottled up inside. We would love to talk about what we’re feeling with someone, but it becomes so hard to

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Dealing With Toxic Family During The Holidays

Dealing With Toxic Family During The Holidays It’s that time of year…again. People are doing last-minute shopping, everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit and then there’s you who could not care less about

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by Stephanie | 3:56 am

Too Much…Of What?

Do you ever have those moments where everything just becomes too much? It may get overwhelming most of the time, especially if we’re not sure of the reason behind why we’re feeling a certain

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by Stephanie | 7:19 pm

Dealing With Death

We have all been there. We all have those empty holes in our souls that won’t let us breathe in peace. Scars are permanent and even the smallest triggers can open up those healing

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