What Is Happiness To You? – Prompt

What is happiness to you?

…such a complex question that doesn’t stand an official and concrete answer…

It’s 8:30 PM on any given day, and I’m laying in bed, it’s summer all year here where I live so the temperature is not always the coolest, but I have Olivia, my fur baby, with me. I have Sky, my devilish snow-white cat, and I have my favorite TV show playing on my old Vizio TV – Law & Order SVU. You can hear a soft voice in the background. It’s probably my Spotify playlist. Taylor Swift is playing and I’m screaming my lungs out to a song that defines a scenario that I have never endured in my twenty-seven years of life. To me, that’s what matters. That’s happiness to me. It can be the smallest of things, but to me, they mean the entire world.

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