Nothing Matters Anymore – Poetry

Disclaimer: All poems have been written and edited by me. Pictures were created and edited by me as well.

Nothing Matters Anymore

never good enough
they say, all good things must end

i am trying my best not to take that road again, but at the end i’m just a lost soul wanting desperately some clousure

the anguish afflicts the pain in my bones

memories faded by life’s constant toll
as i ask again, where is my soul?

forever in your beating heart

nothing matters anymore

i don’t want to live

without a dream

but sadly, i’m just a broken dream

your memory is my only companionship in times like this

when my soul finally enters my body, i’m just begging you “please don’t leave”

Holy Ground

holy ground
it was stone-cold but something about it felt pretty much like home

the leafs in the trees stopped flowing

it was like someone was walking around without wanting to be found

i followed the sounds until i hit holy ground

it had nothing to do with religion, but instead it had everything to do with resolution
there was a crowded room screaming for revolution

as if the souls that were carried there would only think it was a fair share trying to find a solution for something that they no longer cared

what happened to the past generation?

didn’t they wanted the same things as we do?

i know some of my ancestors were messed up too, but didn’t my grandmother fought with her life for me to only see some new light?

she didn’t want me to fight but neither to stay quiet

i decided to keep my secrets on a safe so my confused self could live along with the safety of her privacy

my grandma taught me to be brave too

she just wanted me safe

not everyone wanted the same for me, so my life became insane

i was taken out of nowhere and no one even explained

i just felt like a prisoner busting their head against their restrains not knowing their soul would be drained

my grandmother showed me what bravery is

what courage requires

and how most of the people around me were liars

she even motivated me to continue a career that i didn’t even finish, much less started, but god wouldn’t she be proud if she knew i am a writer?

dancing around fire i left my soul burn

i decided to start off fresh, but with the only exception of not having her gone; i know she’s gone
if she was still here i know she wouldn’t have left
praying for etarnal strength so she could watch me grow
there’s nothing i miss more than the “honey, i’m home” song playing in the back of my head
because it reminds me of you

the only one who stayed

Missing Pieces

depression – tormentor of my dreams

the only exception to my nightmares

the missing piece of an overwhelming puzzle

the one that was undiscovered

all of the missing pieces had a personal theme

the ones that didn’t fit were the ones that couldn’t speak

their eyes have all the relapsing needs

of a fearful soul that it’s triggered by being clean


Another quick disclaimer: I am in no way a poet – or at least I don’t consider myself one – but I do love sharing my writing with other people that may be going through the same things or that may be feeling a similar way. I put all my thoughts, emotions, nostalgia, memories, fantasies and wishes onto my writing so it can reflect everything I am in them. Those are actual feelings that I’m sharing with you all in order to connect in a deeper and personal level with all of you.

I know life can be really draining sometimes but we can always hang up to what keeps us moving forward, what keeps us wanting to wake up in the morning without feeling that dreadful feeling, and that for me it’s poetry…and my dog who keeps me motivated, inspired and always brings out the abstract parts of myself that sometimes I don’t understand and she knows I need help, and she does, she helps me make those twisted depressing feelings into art.


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