The World We Live In

This is the world we live in. A world full of heartache and sorrow. It is a world of horror and hatred. It is a world where all we do is struggle. I’m sure most of us feel this way. We feel oppressed and misunderstood. This is a poem about that. About society, feminism, human rights, and dignity.

Disclaimer: This is a poem completely written by me. All rights reserved.

This Is The World We Live In

midnight skies full of overthinking minds

a gentle tap on my window reminded me that magic doesn’t have to stop overnight
i heard a coin drop

maybe two if the backyard shop wasn’t full of overly worked employees living on a minimum wage; for hours of day with the rhythm being delayed

i stopped paying attention the day i saw wrongdoings

i’m talking about real human beings, not slaves of the work that big companies don’t want to pay

overly worked  and not a single say on what workdays will pay for all the insurance delays
busy roads and tall buildings reminded me of the storm that once was my only source of survival
the loneliness in the city was just a quick reminder
a reminder to fight harder for the rights of my body

home wasn’t home for me,
i liked the chaos

not the ones you see in movies

but rather those with ancient souls that are begging to be heard and only want to regain their power
those whose eyes blurred when the sky struck

there are days when i wish i could smell the flowers

thank you pollution for taking that power

there are no birds in the backyard anymore; sometimes I wonder if they were able to go home

i see women being their own bosses

angry men who light up torches

this is the world we live in

it was never about whose better or whose not, it was all about how we should’ve all have joined forces to fight for one
i reinforce myself that i do not want a shining armor to come and save my day

i cannot live a life waiting for a partner

just to end up being controlled by an angry father

not much that’s been needed

i just want my human rights to be well treated

i don’t want to be told that i can’t do something just because I’m a woman

i stand with my fellow feminist warriors

those who will never stop fighting for justice just to regain what’s ours
not the temporary one, we’re tired of being disposable

we belong everywhere such as anybody else

gender doesn’t defy the roles that were implanted by men who don’t know where the scars to our sorrows come from, they never will

more empathy

a bit of clarity

a sprinkle of compassion

and the will to see things change

that’s what I want for my generation

that’s what I want to see before my eyes close and my breathing comes undone

so much to do

so much to change

i hear the tap on my window once again

one, maybe too many times i’m reminded

i will never surrender my soul to the heartless

this is the world that we live in
i’m not putting my feet on that ground ever again

no more unsolicited word affairs; i’m too tired of the “no actions”

i’m claiming back my power in a world full of distractions

i’ll gladly wear my battle wounds if that means we are going to be represented by misty flowers; my brothers and sisters, for  hers and his, never forgetting they’s and them

this is the world we live in; some things need to be changed


this is the world we live in


5 thoughts on “The World We Live In”

  1. Your writing has left me thinking. And it was a very pleasant read. The world we live in tries to impose on us its standards. And if we’re not careful, we end up sucked in by its way of thinking.

    We should not expect other human beings to make us happy. Happiness should flow from the inside.

  2. Thanks Stephanie, what a wonderful and valuable service you are providing in these dark days. I think it is very important to protect our mental health at the moment. A lot of people are going through difficult times at the moment with Covid-19 lockdowns in place around the world. I am currently in Vietnam and we have been in lockdown for 4 months. There are days when you feel like you are going crazy. I love your poem. Is there a place on your website where people could chat about their problems.? A problem shared…Thanks for an uplifting site.


    1. Hi Stephen! 

      Thank you for stopping by. I hope all is good in Vietnam. A place for people to share their problems or thoughts it’s yet to be a part of my website, but I have been thinking about that for a long time. Thank you for your thoughts. 

  3. Stephanie, what a sobering and poignant website. It’s good to expose what’s underneath and expose the underbelly of our thoughts and feelings during this time. As you point out, it’s important to protect and nurture our mental health during Covid. Actually, it’s a good idea to consistently protect and nurture our well-being all the time. Most of us are experiencing challenging times right now with the lockdowns, masks or no masks, employment, and the environment to name a few things. More than ever, we need to make sure to check in with thoughts and feelings and learn to observe them without emotional attachment. Your article helped me validate what I already know; I need to take time for self-care. Thank you.

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