Indoor Hobby Ideas

Indoor Hobby Ideas

As we’re still in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, thus far, we have no idea how or when will things start taking a good turn when it comes to our everyday activities.

I know for a fact that being an introvert has helped me manage my anxiety throughout this situation, but I can’t deny either that it has been a draining process when it comes to my physical and mental health. Because of this, I have been on the lookout for some indoor hobby ideas and I was mind blown with how many activities there are for us to do. So many things that we could be able to find a way to distract ourselves, and some of them I found myself doing on a daily basis without even acknowledging it as a hobby.


indoor hobby ideas
I’m almost sure that most of us have a creative intuition inside of us, whether it’s regarding crafts, jewelry, art, music, dishes…the possibilities are endless, and so is your creativity. Maybe you don’t even know you have it in you until you give it a try. Want to complete that last yoga class? Go ahead! Want to create a completely new recipe for your family? Go for it! Want to write a book or start learning how to play a new instrument? Nobody is stopping you.

Just because you don’t think you’re creative doesn’t mean that you aren’t. You’d be surprised with the things you may come up with if you’re really into accomplishing said task and if you’re willing to put your self-judgments aside and just give yourself a try.

Adopt A Dog

Alright, so this one involves going out of the house, it still counts as an indoor activity if you’re like me and need to have their furry companion right next to them while you sleep or work on your daily routines.

Dogs are an amazing addition to your family and a huge break from your everyday routines.

Growing up, I have always had dogs with me, but personally, I have never been a dog owner by myself. That changed in March 2020 when I adopted Olivia, my little fur bundle of joy and happiness. She was just 3 months old when I first rescued her and she’s already almost two years old, and life has never been better.

my adopted dog Olivia
Olivia does live indoors with me. I took the time to train her and get her ready for this lifestyle because I honestly just don’t like being social and going outside as much as I would like; therefore, adopting a dog was a little debatable because I wasn’t sure if the dog I adopted would reason with me and my usual lifestyle of being an introverted person and not being a very outdoorsy-type of person, but luckily, it has worked out so perfectly for us.

Olivia is one and a half years old now and she has been with me for a whole year. She has been my rock, a distraction, my cuddle buddy, my best friend, and the best quarantine companionship.

Start Your Own Business

A mixture of creativity and motivation with a sprinkle of the will to learn new things is the perfect recipe for success and a huge indoor hobby idea that can potentially help you establish yourself as a business owner, an entrepreneur, it gives you something to do and work on while you’re at home relaxing, and on top of that, you’ll be earning an income.

Personally, I use Wealthy Affiliate, which I highly recommend. This is a platform full of everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. It provides you with tools, classes, live training, support, a hosting site for your website, a community that is willing to help you out in whatever you need, a step-by-step guide on how to create your own website, make search engines – such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo – index your website which means that whenever a person searches for a phrase that’s related to the content you’ll be writing you’ll have the potential to rank in the first page of these engines which will help you drive traffic (potential customers) to your website.

indoor hobby ideas

You’re probably wondering “how am I going to make money if I don’t have a product?” that’s where affiliate marketing comes in, and Wealthy Affiliate will teach and guide you throughout every stage of your journey from the basics to the more complex topics. You can give this platform a try by clicking right here! No credit card required when creating your free account. This is not a hoax, a scheme, nor a get-rich-quick type of business, it’s the real deal. I have been working on my own ever since September 2019 and I have no plans on leaving any time soon. The opportunities are endless with the proper guidance, you can surely become successful, and all of this by simply following this indoor hobby idea.

Practice Your Cooking Skills

Due to some of my disabilities and illnesses, I sometimes lack a little bit of patience when it comes to the kitchen area, and even though I love it, I can never achieve any recipe that I’d be willing to try. I have failed so many times that I started purchasing already made frozen meals because I did not want to disappoint myself furthermore.

Lately, I have been trying to upgrade my cooking skills and started searching for basic everyday recipes and I finally found something I could do and not mess up.

As silly as it may seem, I have never been able to make French toasts on my own. Believe me, I’ve tried! There was just something missing every time, but luckily, I started mixing things up a little and changed salt for cinnamon and sugar. Yes, since the recipe requires eggs I used to add salt to the eggs instead of the logic of what needed to be added; that’s how bad I am when it comes to the kitchen area. So far, I’m proud of myself.

Make Friendships Over Social Media

I have been using social media for as long as I can remember and if I’m being honest, that’s the place where I have met most of my best friends. I have gotten the opportunity to even spend time with one of them a few years ago and it was fantastic.

indoor hobby ideas

I know what they say “don’t talk to strangers” and yes, we do need to keep an eye out for ourselves, the information we put out there for the whole world to see, and be a little more cautious with whom you share personal and detailed information. Not everyone you meet online can be trustworthy and that’s something to always keep in mind.

The social media where I have met my best friends is Twitter. I have been using this platform since 2011 and ultimately met one of my best friends in 2012 to whom I have spent real time one-on-one with her and her family. We still talk daily; maybe not as much as we’d like to, but life gets hard and busy for us all. You can also use social media to keep in touch with the people you admire that have big platforms such as actors, singers, entrepreneurs, etc (I also do this on a daily basis as a means of distraction which eases my anxiety especially when my favorite artist is being active on social media).

Making Something Out Of Nothing

Those were just a few things that I have personally enjoyed doing not only during quarantine, but these things are basically part of my everyday life. I truly enjoy creating even though I get writer’s block sometimes, but that doesn’t take away my will to keep creating; at least I try my best not to let my depression and anxiety take complete control of the few things I enjoy. If you would like to support my work and motivate me to continue creating, then please take some time to check out my poetry ebook.

It’s important to also take time from our schedules to be lazy and not worry about every single thing; although, if you have anxiety that can be quite impossible. There’s only so much we can do, but as long as what we do brings us happiness then it’s worth the try.

Do you have any indoor hobby ideas that you would like to share? If so, please do it in the comment section down below.

8 thoughts on “Indoor Hobby Ideas”

  1. Hi Stephanie, I love the adopt a dog idea. I’ve seen a number of my online friends adopting a new pet during the lockdowns and it makes me smile every time. 

    I also think it’s crucial for us to connect online because there’s so many mental health issues surfacing now in the community so thank you for giving people hope.

    1. Adopting my Olivia has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did I have this baby a stable and new home, but I also found a companionship that I can share life with and see them grow happy. Online friends are always so important. We just need to monitor where we put our information and the people we talk with. 

  2. This ongoing pandemic has brought both negative and also positive consequences. I like the fact that we got to share more with our family and explore other skills we had dormant. And one of them is cooking. 

    Now, reading your post, I am excited about starting a business. My own business. Internet brings so many opportunities that I will explore what fits me. 

    1. I hope you’re staying safe and your family as well. 

      And yes, the internet has endless amount of opportunities that I’m completely sure you will find something that fits what you aim for.

  3. Hi Stephanie, I completely agree with you on two things – get a Dog and Start an Online Business. I just bought a dog for my family and you should see the joy and fun that sprang up in my family. It relieves your stress and keeps you smiling. They are God’s gift to us meant to enjoy life. Let us enjoy them 🙂 Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the BEST online business platform on the internet. You did a great job deciding to join WA, I am sure that you will enjoy doing what you do. Thanks for the lovely article! I will look into the other advice provided by you as well.

    1. Dogs are truly the best companion anyone could ask for. I’ve had my baby, Olivia, for some time now and I can’t imagine life without her in it. She brings me joy and makes me feel at ease. WA is another great thing to start your online business. It has all the necessary tools and information to get started. 

  4. Mental Health is something that resonates with me as I have family members who suffer from Bi-Polar and depression so I appreciate your website and its helpful tips on how people can bettter manage this, especially through the pandemic where cases have risen through anxiety. Keep up the good work

    1. I really hope you and your loved ones are doing okay and managing the situation with those family members that suffer from a mental health disorder. Caregivers also need to be in a good place to help others, mental wellness is one of the most important things in an individuals life. 

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