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Here is a collection of forgotten pieces that have been sitting on the shelf looking at me with regrets, fear, exhaustion, and unsaid words full of question marks; because of that, I decided to include some of these abandoned poems in my library and share them with you guys.

Disclaimer: Every poem on this post has been written by me and only me. The artwork was also edited by me. I own all of the rights to everything shared in this piece.


Unsaid words

salty lips and a lip gloss smile

hungry eyes that keep me up at night

clear blue skies reflected on the depths of the ocean

a strain of tears falling down at the same time as your heartbeat struggles

bittersweet words echoing in the trail that you left me in

reminds me of cutting down those ties that still connect me to you

i wasn’t much into the panorama but god did i enjoy the view

the only thing that would make it better is if you were crashing down in stars, blooming into flowers, and achieving the colorful rainbow that was always inside you

you didn’t lose your magic, my dear

all of the gold smiles and diamond dreams are collectively working in your favor

don’t let the big monsters under your bed defy who you are

they’re only made up stories, scenarios, and disgraceful opinions that you didn’t deserve

they all lied

those monsters were never real

you carried them on your shoulders for so many years; as if they were yours to keep

look around you, darling

nothing is stopping you now

spread your wings and let’s see where life may bring you

don’t expect peaceful moments because they never last

look at the way you were raised and you might understand why

the monsters still keep you up at night and we both know there is not one thing it could’ve gone right

stop staring in the mirror, darling

as long as you keep doing so you may not like what you see

I Don’t Know Why


dying was an option but i choose not to

i’ve tried whatever method it is possible to ease the pain that changed the way my subconscious ways wanted to act in a non-natural change of heart; instead of just taking the pain away i toned it down with out of date prescription pills

i’ve been dreaming about my getaway

the path i would take if only the cliffhanger wasn’t waiting at the end

the things i would do if life didn’t have any consequences

no, is not what you think

just wait and enjoy another drink

don’t worry about it; it’s on me

there’s no time to think

no time to wait

i have already lost my faith in this dark-shaded world that doesn’t let me live

oh, wait!

what else is there to lose?

i’ve lost my childhood to an abusive and alcoholic mother

grew up in abusive foster care

nobody cared

and that wasn’t fair

met my father unexpectedly but only to find out i wasn’t worth his time so instead he treated me like an ATM machine

sometimes i just wish someone would tell me i’m rare

not in a comparison way

i don’t need to fit in with people that i don’t know, nor with people that i knew

time always shows you how your kindness mistreats you

i don’t need a man to save the day

i’m not looking for validation anyway

that would just destroy what’s left of me and only take me deeper into places i’d rather not revisit

i need to teach myself that i’m a keeper

a leader

a believer

a dreamer; looking for ways to make myself stay in a world full of injustice and hate

i don’t want to be part of this crime

don’t even try to convince me otherwise



what if the world ended today?

will that only make you turn away, or will you decide to stay?

dark skies and brightening thunder

it sometimes makes me wonder

it takes me back to my childhood days when life was only grey

if only i had my mother

what type of train wreck would that throw me under?

if the world ended today

would you turn to religion as an antidote or would you step out of your comfort zone and decide to keep a straight face?

i wouldn’t look up at the sky and just pray

religion is the least of my worries

i would just wish for an opportunity to see your face again

even if it’s only for the last time before it all turns to dust and the world becomes stray

It Never Ends

I have been writing poetry ever singe I was a teenager. It wasn’t that good…let me be honest, it wasn’t good at all, but as time went by and I grew, I came to the conclusion that my poetry is mine and only mine to judge. I have grown really close to how I mix personal feelings, emotions, and aspects of my life into a collection of words that sometimes don’t even make sense, nor portray actual events, but that’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to understand poetry, you just have to read it with an open mind; without judging. Each person is a whole different world and poetry can be open for so many interpretations.

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Hello, this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this as the information I’m getting from here is standard. I have been gloomy all day because of one thing or another and coming across this has to be the best thing that happened to me today. The collection of words, the poetry, all very blissful. I had a really wonderful time going through it and I’m going to bookmark this to come back to it from time to time 

Nov 19.2020 | 04:35 am


    Thank you for taking the time! 

    Nov 25.2020 | 04:45 am


I must commend you for putting together these amazing and interesting poems, I’ve enjoyed reading through them and this article has been a good one and it haa been worthwhile. It’s good to always read poetry, it is always aesthetic and it has a lot to teach people. Thanks for sharing this

Nov 25.2020 | 04:48 am


    Thank you for taking the time to read them 

    Nov 27.2020 | 02:57 am


This is very interesting. Seeing that you can also write a poem is just super fantastic. I must commend you for writing this article on unsaid words poetry,and writing some poems to further explain this topic of discussion. Thanks for this artistic piece of write up. It was interesting reading this article, mostly the poems in particular.

Nov 25.2020 | 06:00 am


    Thank you for your kind words.

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