The Hilarious World of Depression Review

The Hilarious World of Depression

Depression can feel like the type of friend that would tell you how great your ideas are, but behind your back they’ve shattered every single piece of your confidence, scarring you for life. It’s a draining feeling, I know, but sometimes we need to find a balance between what we know and how we can turn that situation upside down. Here’s where The Hilarious World of Depression comes in.

Disclaimer: Nothing in the content of this review is a method to cure depression, nor to fill-in for your therapy sessions (if you’re in any). Your uniqueness it’s what makes you…you! 

Name: The Hilarious World of Depression

Author: John Moe

Number of pages: 304

Where to purchase: Amazon (out on May 2020)

Price: $27.99

The Hilarious World of Depression Review

About the author

John Moe is the host and creator of the highly-recognized podcast, The Hilarious World of Depression, and he is also the author of several books.

John moe review

We are all aware that depression can be a very dark and isolating illness that millions of people deal with it every day. There is absolutely nothing “fun” about it, nor something that people are only “overreacting” about. From personal experience, I know we live in a society where – if you want to fit in – you would consider this illness as a way of wanting to get some attention. That is not true, at all. I don’t know if anyone has told you this before, maybe you need to hear it again; you matter and what you’re going through also matters.

In The Hilarious World of Depression, John manages to lead a series of conversations with people that have, or are struggling with depression. Along with having honest, straightforward and yes, funny conversations throughout the journey of this book, it is not meant to be irrespectful in any way. We’re not talking about making fun of mental illness, but instead making the illness seem less likely like a baggage wandering around in the darkness of your brain. Instead, it is sending out a message to reassure you that you’re not alone. John has various guests on his podcast, most of them comedians, and they work towards brightening your day a little, even if it’s just for a few minutes, or even a few seconds.


Thanks to the amazing success and popularity of John’s podcast, he was inspired to write a book about the investigation of depression. Not just that, but the book is also partly a memoir of his own personal journey, struggles and laugh-out-loud stories of what it is like to live with this mental illness. I’m sure a lot of us can surely relate.

the hilarious world of depression book review

In the book, you’ll also find a series of anecdotes throughout the years of his work, dealing with depression and insights of some interviews that he’s done with wonderful people that face similar challenges.

Some of the things you may find in the book are:

  • The misunderstanding of depression symptoms
  • The challenges in the workplace
  • Challenges from an everyday life-type of view
  • How – for various reasons – this illness can also have a huge impact on our loved ones
  • The struggle and tragedy that is suicide among other helpful and insightful topics

What Are People Saying About the Book?

“This book is an excellent life raft for those of us who are so sure that we are alone in out struggles. You should read it.” ―Jenny Lawson

“Is it appropriate to say that I loved a book about depression? Well, if it’s as candid and funny and intimate as this one, ‘love’ seems right. Moe’s book is also deeply moving and, against all odds, life-affirming. It’s an ode to the blues that makes you feel better about being human.” ―Susan Orlean

“A funny, honest book about depression, and what you can do despite it. John Moe is actually a very funny man, and this is a very serious book that also manages to be funny about things we are not supposed to laugh at. ” ―Neil Gaiman

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I have personally heard some of John’s podcast episodes and they have actually been really insightful, honest, meaningful and some humor has been added to them as well. Each episode from the series makes you feel less lonely and more vulnerable to the possibility of managing to live another day. You have been doing it so far, you can’t stop now.

the hilarious world of depression podcast review

This book is set to come out on May 2020 and from the little peaks I’ve read from other people’s opinion, I think this might be a great addition and a must-have to put on my reading list.

If you would like to get a copy yourself I’ll leave the link right here!

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  1. I’m interested in this book. It seems to be an interesting approach. I understand what you mean that it’s not making fun of this illness. But we occasionally need to tone down our stress concerning things that affect us and view them in a more fun way. I’m eager to see how this author deals with this matter.

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