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Nothing Matters Anymore – Poetry

There are times when nothing matters anymore and you just have to pretend like everything is okay just to get yourself throughout the day. My escape? Poetry.

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CBD Oil Sleep Aid

CBD Oil Sleep Aid Insomnia can have a really big impact on our daily lives when it is not being treated, whether if it is with a professional or by yourself while purchasing over-the-counter

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by Stephanie | 1:37 am

“I’m fine” – What Does It Really Mean?

“I’m fine” – What Does It Really Mean? There’s a lot of misconceptions about what people with a mental illness say – when in reality we’re just hiding our feelings behind false claims –

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NeuroActiv6 Review

NeuroActiv6 Review As time goes by, our minds start getting a little foggy, we start forgetting things – even if we’re still in the early stages of adulthood, that happens too often – and

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Never Good Enough – Poetry

Never Good Enough – Poetry  Quick disclaimer: All poetry, that you will hopefully read ahead, was completely written by me. Images were also created by me. All rights reserved.  Past, Present And The Future

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