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An Unfinished Tale

An unfinished tale is a poem written from a collection of damaged memories that are still haunting me to this day. All Rights Reserved boxing out the pain usually means that you’ve put it

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by Stephanie | 4:44 am

The Dark Side Of Christmas

The Dark Side Of Christmas Christmas has been celebrated for countless years, in different countries, ethnicity, and religions. Many of all the people who celebrate the holidays do so for the fun of having

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by Stephanie | 2:42 am

Unsaid Words – Poetry

Here is a collection of forgotten pieces that have been sitting on the shelf looking at me with regrets, fear, exhaustion, and unsaid words full of question marks; because of that, I decided to

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by Stephanie | 8:13 pm

6 Types Of Anxiety Disorders

6 Types Of Anxiety Disorders Do you feel nervous while practicing your presentation speech, when you’re about to make an important phone call, or any call at all; even if it is towards a

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What Are Introverts Good At?

What Are Introverts Good At? There has always been a huge stigma regarding those of us who are introverts and enjoy the peace and serenity of being alone, in our own heads, or not

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by Stephanie | 2:14 am

Causes Of PTSD – Are You Going Through Any Of These?

Things That Cause PTSD Let’s start this off by defining what PTSD stands for: ”Post-traumatic stress disorder (also known as PTSD) is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary,

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YouTube Trends – How Serious Can They Be?

YouTube Trends – How Serious Can They Be? Searching for new content to entertain myself I came across a huge amount of YouTube trends that have been going around for the last few months,

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How To Get Rid Of Depression

How To Get Rid Of Depression Struggling with your mental health is an everyday challenge, and sometimes, we wonder what could we do to get rid of what’s keeping us from moving forwards. I

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Milk And Honey – Book Review

MILK AND HONEY BOOK REVIEW Have you ever came across a book you loved so much that you’ve read it over five times in less than a year? Well, that book is Milk and

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Angel In Heaven – Poetry

Disclaimer: All of the poems on this website have been written by me. Photos have been edited by me as well. Angel In Heaven late nights and early mornings the birds sing our song

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