Unbreakable Confidence Review

Unbreakable Confidence Review

Living in a world that’s full of prejudices, where you can’t trust no one, much less maintain relationships, unbreakable confidence may be the best guide for you.

Don’t think that I am here to shove a product down your throat and tell you how worth it I think it is, because this is not the case. I am here to guide you and give you my most honest opinion about this product and why you should, or shouldn’t purchase it.

I don’t want to waste so much of your time, so let’s get into this unbreakable confidence review!

Name: Unbreakable Confidence

Website: unbreakableconfidence.com

Author: Jordan Ray

Recommended: No

Overall ratings: 0 out of 5

Unbreakable Confidence Overview

unbreakable confidence review

Unbreakable Confidence is apparently a self-help book for men who struggle with anxiety and low self-esteem. With this book, you have the opportunity to find some guidelines to help men solve this issue. But is it really just that? No.

This is not a self-help book to help you manage your anxiety and help you guide your mental health. In some part, it does help you, but only for another reason…to attract women.

Now, as a man who struggles with these types of illnesses and has this “problem” you’re probably thinking “Woah this is a great idea!”, but as a rational thinking woman, it isn’t. Why promote healing with the necessity to sell a book on how to “attract women”?

What Does This Product Include?

21 pickup lines reYou’ll get access to their “amazing” step by step guidelines on how to reduce anxiety when you’re around women. According to the website, the book will show you tricks on how to overcome that anxious feeling and make your way through talking with a woman without any hesitation.

The book also claims to help you have a better perception of yourself because according to the author, the way you feel is how you’ll attract women. It also says that they can help you turn something negative into something positive. Meaning, that they’ll give you step by step guides on how to handle rejection. That topic actually scared me a little since I can’t be sure how they’ll be telling you “how to approach rejection”. That’s something you need to keep an eye on.

Aside from that, you’ll get 3 additional bonuses

  • “Easy Approach System”, which is another short book that covers a variety of strategies for approaching women.unbreakable confidence review
  • “21 Pick-Up Lines That Actually Work”, which is basically a complementary source for the first free book. Apparently, this book will give you strong and tested, highly effective openers that will help you out.
  • “The Alpha Mindset” is basically about the psychology of attraction.

The Good and The Bad

I honestly can’t find any good things about this item. I have done so much research on it and I was even tempted to get it myself, just to see how it is and what all the fuss I’ve been seeing, was about, but I’d honestly would just be spending my money on something that I will strongly regret and it’s not worth the effort.

PRO #1: It apparently has a 100% money-back guarantee policy. So, if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with what you’ll get, then you can simply message them and ask for a refund

Now, here’s is where I’ll be going deep into the discussion of why I don’t like this product.

CON #1: While I was doing my research, I was really intrigued with the fact that it clearly stated that it will help men who struggle with anxiety, so I was really happy to see that this is a topic that is being more normalized around men, but it’s not the case. They’ll help you with your anxiety, but only so you can get women. Maybe if you don’t want to use it for that, you can just use it to help you with your anxiety. Though, I doubt that’s what the book is going to focus on.

CON #2: The Upsells. After you purchase the digital book and you receive your free bonuses for said item, you will later be thrown into another offer for a guideline course that will apparently help you get more women interested in you, regardless of what you do, or even if you’re traveling.

Final Thoughts

This doesn’t conclude my Unbreakable Confidence review, I still have a few things I would like to say.

First of all, I think it is really misleading for someone to talk about a sensitive topic such as mental health, and then turn it all around to make it into something that will magically make you more attractive – or I don’t know what this whole thing is even about.

Secondly, as a feminist woman, I find this extremely offensive. It seems like the author made sure to portray women as objects (as you can see in the pictures on the book covers). What is the intention of having women in their underwear – having in mind that the book is supposed to be about mental health and healing – as a selling strategy because they know men would love to dig in deeper and see what everything else is all about.

Honestly, I just wish society would stop objectifying women so much. They look at us only for our bodies, but never about what’s in our heads. They think we’re some type of toy that they can play around and toss when they’re tired then go jump ahead and manipulate the situation into getting another woman “falling for you”. That is simply not how it works.

unbreakable confidence reviewIn conclusion, I found this book completely misleading and psychologically manipulating men into thinking that a few books will change their romantic life. Instead, I would love to see people dig deeper into these topics regarding men and their mental health.

I hope my Unbreakable Confidence review helped you in some sort of way. The decision is always on your hands whether you want to give it a try or not. This was just my personal opinion of the product.

What did you think about this? Is this something you might be interested in? I would love to hear from you in the comment section down below.

8 thoughts on “Unbreakable Confidence Review”

  1. Hi! I’m glad I read this review. I think it’s disgusting to turn such a delicate and sensitive mental issue into a topic as this.

    I can anticipate that the core problem of anxiety is not treated in the book. And just delivering a bunch of cheap lines won’t solve anything. I’d advice anybody wanting to buy a book like this to please not waste their money.

  2. I absolutely agree that the claims the unbreakable confidence has made is grossly misleading. Also, you do make some interesting and thought provoking points. The issue of objectifying women is being promoted because of books like this and sadly, the society we live in doesn’t even care. Like you mentioned, it is a different thing if the book helps men get over anxiety in general regardless of what they choose to do with their newly found confidence. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s so disappointing and disturbing to see companies using women’s bodies to promote something just for the profit. We’re basically teaching kids that the only important thing is to get a woman and not worry about their mental health. It’s disturbing. 

  3. Thank you for your post. It is informative and educational. I like your honest and straightforward review. 

    I particularly like the part of The Good and The Bad. I am a men and occasionally have anxiety. I certainly like to deal with my anxiety without anything to do with women.

    I don’t like program with upsells. I have had bad experiences with program with upsells and usually you need to purchase the upsell product in order to make the entire program working, a big trick.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for your frank and very honest review on Unbreakable Confidence. You are absolutely right regarding your views of what the book portrays to address and what it actually claims to portray. I agree wholeheartedly that no one should use mental health issues in a way to address the frailties of the lack of self esteem in men in attracting or being attractive to woman, through chat up lines and being suddenly endowed with magical powers regarding attracting women. Your evident deep research into this has made you write with authority on this book and I would take your recommendations any day over purported suddenly received understanding of how women require to be attracted as opposed to addressing the very real mental issues of anxiety and low self esteem in men. I am convinced that the further use of the denigration of women as objects to be played with as toys and thrown away, must be very demeaning to women in general and is a sad reflection on the times we live in that it can be used with such careless abandon and disrespect, without any heed to caution of any kind and is as bad if not worse than the careless disregard of mental issues and their treatment. Excellent review and thank you for your genuine comments and the strength of conviction you hold to air them as you have to elicit serious reflection on the very real effects of mental issues and respect for women alike in society as a whole.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read. I am so glad to see that more men are being open and honest about mental health, but also about how derogatory it is for women to be the marketing targets for these type of things. 

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