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If you’re like me, you have probably suffered from insomnia and you don’t know how to deal with the lack of sleep. I have tried so many things from meditation to even abusing over-the-counter sleeping pills.

You’re probably asking yourself how to stay asleep all night and not worry about being late to a meeting, or even falling asleep while you’re on your way to work.

Is there a way to cure insomnia naturally?

Yes, and I am going to give you a little insider of this product that has helped over 100,000 people to stay asleep all night without actually having to take medications. So yes, there is a way to cure insomnia naturally.

Stop asking yourself how to stay asleep all night and let’s get into the details of this product.

Name: Six Steps To Sleep


Price: $19

Owner: Peter Litchfield

Overall Rank: 8.5 out of 10

can’t sleepWhat Are Six Steps To Sleep?

Six Steps To Sleep is a program that helps you cure insomnia naturally, so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on prescription pills.

This program combines Behavioural Therapy and Stimulus-Control Therapy. It also offers holistic practices such as brainwaves entertainment audios and it also includes positive dietary adjustments.

If your sleeping patterns are really out of hand, or if you’re having trouble staying asleep, then it is advised to read the book and follow all the guides and the audios for 30 days if you want to see maximum results.

What Does This Product Include?

If you’d made it so far down this review, I’m sure you’re asking yourself what does this program include. I hope this gives you a little insider of your question on how to stay asleep all night.

It includes:

• The main Six Steps To Sleep book that helps you guide your body’s sleep-wake cycle (circadian rhythm) to reset to a better and more productive sleep sequence. It talks about so many things non-related to sleep that I’m sure this book will come as a diamond to your life.

• An audio that’s based on sleep hypnosis, which will help you release all those depressing thoughts that may be bothering you, even if they’re just on your subconscious. This process helps your brain block all the unhealthy sleeping patterns you may be having.

• Four audios that are a specific type of meditation called “Binaural Beats” (binaural beats engages with your brain by transmitting different types of frequency to each ear through your earphones. Each ear will receive a different frequency than the other ear, and when they meet halfway, they will send a message to your brain. When this happens, your brain will start associating these frequencies with positive energy and it will help you find a sleeping pattern.

• This product also comes with a Binaural Beats user guide.

• A Sleep Diet Guide, and you’re probably asking yourself what does food have to do with sleep? Well, think about caffeine. If you drink too much, or even the slightest bit of caffeine, you probably won’t get the sleep you need. This guide helps you target what foods you may be eating that may be causing an alteration in your sleeping patterns.

• Last but not least, it includes a weekly sleep planner to help you manage your progress on a day-to-day basis.

How to stay asleep all night

The Good & the Bad

Just like everything else in life, it can have its pros and cons. This is not an exception.

The Good:

PRO #1 – You will get all of what was mentioned above for a single payment of $19!

PRO #2 – I know a lot of people who are scared of taking medication because they think they might get addicted. This product right here does not require for you to take any type of medication.

PRO #3 – You can start seeing results within just 3 days of using it. Of course, that depends if you’re following the instructions given in the book.

The Bad:

CON #1 – It is an amazing tool, but it may not work on everyone. It all depends on how severe your insomnia is.

CON #2 – It will not make you sleep soundly every night. Like any other program, or medication, there are going to be nights were sleeping might become really difficult.

Who is Six Steps For?

Anyone, absolutely anyone! If you were searching through the internet of ways to how to stay asleep all night, this might be the solution for you.


Final Thoughts

As a person who has suffered from insomnia for the last eight years, I really appreciate what Peter has done, and I’m so happy to see so many people getting wonderful results from this program. I can certainly say that with just one of the audios provided within this product, I could feel my brain slowly getting into a peaceful and serenity zone. Even if it doesn’t get you the results you want, it is still an amazing calming alternative for some of us who suffer from anxiety. It’s not a cure, but it certainly can help you manage your life and your sleeping patterns to be as healthy as you want to be.

So, if you were wondering if this product was a scam or if it was legit, I can assure you that you will see results. Just remember, we’re all different seeds on this planet, and not everyone’s mind works the same way. Some people may experience results in no time, while others may take a little longer. It also depends on if you’re following the guidance that the books provide. Don’t worry if you miss a day or two, of won’t affect your progress. Though, for better results please follow the instructions provided at least for 30 days to see how your body reacts.

Also, remember to keep track of your progress to compare results and see what this is doing for you.

How to sleep better

If you’re interested in this product I will highly recommend you try it out and see for yourself what the whole thing is all about. Click here to order your Six Steps To Sleep bundle! Don’t think about it too much, if you want to see results get it now!

Once you make your purchase you will immediately receive your digital product, so you can start right this instant!



In this distracted world of technology that we live in, I am also suffer from insomnia. Thank you for your review on the Six Steps to Sleep. I am glad that this program is really affordable. I guess one size does not fit all. I am willing to give it a try rather than taking sleeping pills. Do they have an mp3 version? I have to look for my cd player! I haven’t used it in years!

Nov 24.2019 | 05:04 pm


    Yes, they have the audios on mp3. After you order the product you’ll get everything immediately.

    Nov 24.2019 | 06:43 pm


Coming across this post, is like the perfect timing for me.  The last year or so, my own sleep habits sure have changed.  Now I am certainly that person that suffers from insomnia at times.  Reading your post really gave me some great ideas, that I will try for myself.

First off caffeine for me is something I absolutely need to stay away from.  It will keep me up for hours.  I am really interested in the binaural beats.  It sounds like something I may look at trying.  Sound sure does allow a person to shut off their mind and obviously help us get to sleep.  Shutting off my brain is probably the reason why I can’t sleep.

Love the post and some really great information here, so thank you.

Nov 24.2019 | 05:07 pm


Hello Stephanie. Thank you for sharing your review of six steps to sleep. Nice to see that one can actually work on insomniac without medication, with just some little practices and music for sleep. I wish it will work on everyone. Well, one man food they say is another man’s poison. Well, great product.

Nov 24.2019 | 06:18 pm

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