Month: April 2020

How To Relax Your Mind

How To Relax Your Mind Work, stress, family, social life, physical activity, financial problems, trauma, illnesses… how are you able to relax your mind? Life is a constant battlefield, full of chaotic events and driven by a compulsive urge to make unthinkable decisions. Everywhere you go, stress goes along with you like an unwanted companionship …

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Mental Health During A Pandemic

Mental Health During A Pandemic  A couple of months ago who would’ve thought that we would be living in the conditions that we currently are dealing with? In times like this, we need to take a second and reflect on our mental health during a pandemic that’s catastrophic. We’re used to the chaos surrounding us, …

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Why Can’t I Concentrate?

Why Can’t I Concentrate? According to HealthLine, when we’re dealing with major depression episodes it can sometimes become nearly impossible to concentrate on a certain task; whether it’s studying, cooking, watching TV, reading, talking with someone, etc. It can be really uncomfortable and challenging. We’re all asking ourselves that same question: why can’t I concentrate? …

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