It’s Okay Not To Be Okay…

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay…

No matter where you go, who you speak to, or what you do, someone always comes up to you with a question that you’ve been avoiding for so long throughout every conversation: “how are you doing?”

If we put it into perspective, most of us lie whenever that question comes up. We’re so used to hearing it from family, friends, co-workers, and strangers, that our brains have found a way to give an automatic response without actually acknowledging the way that we truly feel.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Life isn’t perfect for anyone. We all struggle, we’re all dealing with loss, sadness, grief, financial issues, or lifestyle inconveniences; we’re all fighting internal forces that prevent us from fully living our lives, and that’s completely okay. Pretending to have a perfect life, job, and relationship, are not ways to make ourselves believe our own lies; that’ll only make things worse.

Recognizing that there’s something that you need to work with, something that’s not letting you fulfill your whole potential is a great step towards understanding the power our minds have.

it’s okay not to be okayIt’s okay not to be okay. You can feel sad, depressed, stressed, mad, disappointed, or anxious, it doesn’t matter. You’re allowed to feel and you owe it to yourself to make up for the millionth lies you have been telling yourself and everyone else around you.

How To Break A Generalized Pattern

The things we are taught when we are young are crucial when it comes to our life’s development. Sometimes we don’t even recognize how toxic and misleading these messages are until we decide to pause those beliefs and start constructing a whole new belief system. It’s important to truly comprehend who we are and what we stand for before planting those same beliefs onto other generations.

  • Support Your Psychological Wellness – The breaking of generational cycles begins with you. Ask yourself: are there any personal conduct standards, addictive characteristics, on-going patterns and health beliefs, or acquired practices that don’t serve your life in a satisfying manner?
  • For Your Mental Health, Choose Wellness – Break the negative grasp that you may have on your life. Do you believe that “some things are best remaining unspoken”? In some rare cases, that perspective may be alright. However, these restrictions  may result in conditions that have a negative impact on our lives. Things that are worthy of discussion — need to be discussed. We can’t go around living trapped in a bubble of problems that are not even ours to begin with. Work towards breaking those cycles.
  • You Can Do Better When You Know Better – It is acceptable to have a different standard or perspective for your life. We don’t have to believe in whatever our parents or grandparents believed — or stand by with what they chose to accept and what they didn’t. It is not a requirement for us to let someone else’s life beliefs and perspectives become our own. We are our own person, we can make decisions based on what we stand for, not what others want us to stand for.

Write Down Your Goals

Life is challenging and sometimes we can’t seem to find something to aim our targets at and make sure we accomplish that task. Did you know that writing down your goals gives you an extra boost of fulfillment which helps you to completely achieve said goal?

I know just how frustrating achieving your goals can be and because of that, I decided to create this goal sheet to help you get started.

okay not to be okayTo print, you can download it here.


Oftentimes, we’re so in-depth with our stressful situations that we completely forget about ourselves. Self-care isn’t just working out, eating healthy, or going to the spa. Self-care can be as simple as taking time to read a book, organize your nightstand, spend time with your pet, and relaxing while taking a well-deserved nap. As we said before, life is hard, and sometimes the best we can do is simply get out of bed and try our best to get past the day.

I’m in no way a digital creator, but I tried my best to create this self-care check-in sheet for you to use.
self-check sheetYou can simply save the image or download this PDF file so you can have an HQ print of the mentioned sheet. This could be a daily practice if you want