Hobbies For Introverts – Find New Hobbies and Make Money

Being an introvert can have its ups and downs, but what productive thing can we do to feel like we’re not wasting our time? Follow me through this journey to get some ideas on what’s out there for you.

What Is An Introvert?

According to the theories of Carl Jung, a well-known psychiatrist, an introvert is someone who is defined to be more comfortable with the inner world of thoughts and feelings, so they will see the world in terms of how it affects them.

Carl Jung Quote

Introverts are more happy living alone and being by themselves. They depend on their ”alone time” to renew themselves and to bounce back; they become more engaged in their inner world and run the risk of losing touch with their atmosphere or their outer world. They also tend to be more subjective and they don’t interact with people from outside their social cycle unless it’s an actual requirement.

Introverts have a greater appreciation for understanding and knowledge. No, I’m not saying that if you’re an extrovert then you don’t have any of these qualities, but Introverts due tend to feel more deeply. And that is because of how much time they spend inside their heads and overthinking; which I’m almost, completely sure, that most of us have that tendency regardless if you’re an introvert or an extrovert.

Introverts can also have a higher risk of developing depression, anxiety or maybe even both. Being constantly inside your mind and being selective of who you let in and what thoughts are the ones that are staying can be so draining, but don’t get it twisted. Being an introvert has its own benefits as well.

How Does Being an Introvert Affect Your Life?

As I’ve mentioned before, being an introvert has its pros and cons. Today, I want to talk about the cons.

Being too deep within your mind can complicate how you view things. Even though you gain more knowledge and become more aware of things that you never would’ve guessed could actually happen, being too aware of things can sometimes be mind-wrecking.

I always compare being an introvert with having anxiety. No, they are not the same things but the similarities are noticeable. Here’s a quick list of my points of view.

Introverts vs Anxiety:

* Introverts tend to overthink a lot due to not fitting in with anyone else, while anxiety makes you overthink things as well and makes you not want to have any face to face communication with anyone.
* Introverts love their own space, their own rules and their own time, it’s better for us not to be too open with the world because it makes us feel overwhelmed, while anxiety makes you isolate yourself to a point that you’re actually scared of giving out your opinions or even communicate in whatever way with the other person.

* Being an introvert is more part of your personality, meaning that growing up all your interests and what you liked were based on enjoying your own space; while anxiety is based on how you live your life, experiences or trauma.
As you can see, there are a lot of similarities but somehow they’re not the same thing.

Hobbies For Introverts

There are so many things an introvert can do involving going out or staying at home, you decide.

Here are some things that I personally love and enjoy doing:

* Writing – An easy yet effective way to spend your time. Writing can include music, stories, poetry, and even fanfiction.

* Blogging – You can pick whatever topic it is that you want to talk about and make a complete blog based on that. You can even earn money doing that! (I will talk about that in a bit)

* Walking – I know that for some of us introverts, doing outside activities can be scary but what better way to spend some “me time” while listening to your favorite music and at the same time doing physical activities that can help you improve your self-esteem and make you feel great.

* Bullet journalism – I came across this about two years ago (sadly I had to take a recess due to some health issues) but regardless, it’s an amazing and fun thing to do. Especially if you love writing things with meaning, drawing and having things organized. It’s also a good way to decompose and write everything that you’re feeling while keeping track of everything you’re doing.

* Watching your favorite movie/TV show – This one is my absolute favorite. I love spending my time watching shows and bringing myself into a fictional world, that doesn’t hurt anybody, does it? You can learn so many things with the shows you watch and on top of that, you can add a little more knowledge on certain topics. You can make a list of the shows you would like to watch and start from there.

There are endless ways for introverts to invest their time and feel like they’re succeeding. Don’t do things because you feel pressured to them but rather do things because you feel like doing them and because you enjoy investing your time in that specific thing.

Hobbies That Can Turn Into Money

Finally, the part you’ve been waiting for! There are so many things that you can do and earn money from your own home.

Keep in mind that some sites that offer you money to do a certain thing can be a scam. But I am here to tell you about one site that actually helps you make money while creating your own website. You can make this a hobby to expand your knowledge, or simply you can make it a business.

Make Money

Wealthy Affiliates lets you start earning money from the simplicity and comfort of your own home. Wealthy Affiliates lets you join an amazing community of people that are just like you. Maybe you don’t know anything about online business or maybe you’re an expert, but regardless, it’s as simple as 1…2…3 (speaking it from experience). There you can create your own account, you don’t need to add any credit card info or anything. It’s completely free to make your own account. The program includes training, tips, tools, knowledge and SO MUCH MORE!

Like all businesses, it takes time to grow what you’re creating but in the end, it will pay off. The only things you need are time, determination and the will to learn and make money. Simple as that. I have been using this platform for a couple of weeks now and it has been amazing and such a fun learning experience. The community there is so helpful and some nicest people you could meet.

So, if you’re an introvert and you have trouble making friends or getting a job for whatever reason and you’re looking to increase your income or simply you just want something to do, then I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliates.

If you would like to join this amazing and affordable program here’s a link that will directly take you over to the website so you can make your free account: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount?a_aid=59fe68ce
If you want the full experience of using every platform the site offers, you can access it here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/order/signup?a_aid=59fe68ce

If you have any questions, would like to share your experience or want to know more about a certain topic, please let me know in the comment section down below.

5 thoughts on “Hobbies For Introverts – Find New Hobbies and Make Money”

  1. Hi, I suffer from anxiety and have always found it difficult to socialise or form connections with people face to face. I guess I’m an introvert as well as I actually prefer my own company, mainly due to bad experiences in the past.

    I have been looking for a platform that will enable me to meet people online that I can communicate to, without having to meet them in person and at the same time earn money.

    Can you tell me is the free version just a trial or can I use it for however long I need to?

    Many thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                Tony

    1. Hello Tony! Thank you so much for reaching out. 

      When you sign up you have acess to a lot of tools and you’re able to make your own website without a domain. You can also have the free period training which is how you’ll end up making your account. You have a free 7 day trial and if you join before reaching the 7th day you can have a discount for the first month! You’ll end up paying only $19 for the premium, which I’m my personal experience is worth it. As you go on from there you will have your website start generating traffic and become bigger! You can cancel anytime and you don’t need to add any credit card info when you make your free account 

  2. Hello Stephanie, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. While I was reading the article it was like reading my mind inside, I am introvert and you described it so well. I did not saw hobbies for introverts so far but this gives me a great idea how can I spend my free time. Thank you a lot for sharing.

  3. I have come across many introverts, The challenge is how to engage them in any activity. I have had a good experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I can confirm that this platform works for people of different characters, introverts too.

    the material that they teach is very good. take for example the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. this course has hands-on lessons that teach you how to go about different aspects of your online business. I have no doubt a person with a lone personality can enjoy and establish an online business.

    1. I agree with you. 

      I am an introvert and I’m bonestky so grateful that I found WA. It has helped me so much. 

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