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Do you ever have those moments where everything just becomes too much? It may get overwhelming most of the time, especially if we’re not sure of the reason behind why we’re feeling a certain way. Everything just becomes too much, but too much of what?

Worrying Too Much

Anxiety can truly become a deadly weapon in someone’s life. Regardless of how good your life is, there’s always going to be those “what if’s” either if it’s related to a job, family, relationship, or life in general.

We’re often worrying too much about things we can’t control. Things that are out of our hands. But, how do we tell our brains to simply just shut up? I’m sincerely asking because I truly don’t know myself.

Too much of what?

Our well-being is something that worries most of us – if not all of us – and that alone can be an insomnia starter pack. I have been in and out of doctor’s offices for as long as I can remember, and I won’t lie, every time I go I just expect bad news, because that’s what I’m used to. Though, just because my mindset is centered to that line of thinking, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find me worrying too much about how everything will go, how I’m going to adjust my life to the news I might get, or simply worry about if I’m even going to make it to the next day. A negative mindset doesn’t disqualify the feeling of worrying too much.

You Can’t Stop It

An overload of “what if’s” never goes away. It stays permanently on your brain. Those “what if’s” moments are just enjoying the free rent of living in your mind. You get to a point where you actually think your thoughts might make you give up on yourself and everything else.

Along the way of worrying too much, everything else just becomes a blur. You may think “well, at least there aren’t so many problems swimming around in my mind” but, the sad thing is that no matter how much, or how little you worry about something, the feeling won’t ease; it’s like a knife waiting for you to commit the first crime of overthinking.

Dealing with anxiety is basically an equal of worrying too much. Separating good ideas and goals from what other people may think it’s truly one of the worst feelings. You start thinking about what will they say and the “what if I say something wrong, who could stay?”

Where Does It Come From?

Worrying too much…but about what? Most times there’s not really a concrete answer. Other times, it comes back in pieces. Pieces that you try putting together to get to the bottom of your worries, but you just can’t puzzle it all together.

If you find yourself worrying too much, ask yourself these questions:

• Is it something that I can personally rearrange?

• Is it a life or death situation?

• Am I overthinking because I’m afraid of rejection due to my decision making?

Worrying too much

• If I can’t solve this today, can I do it tomorrow?

• What consequences could I have if I postpone what I’m supposed to do?

• If I can’t do it tomorrow either, would it affect me in such a way that it may be impossible for me to live a suitable life?

Those are actual questions that I ask myself on a daily basis when I find my brain producing too much information for my cerebrum to even process.

Now, you probably may be wondering what may cause someone to overthink?

Well, based on my personal experience, these are the top nine things that are constant and daily stress inducers in my life:

• Health – Whether you’re struggling with an illness, haven’t been feeling good, or you’re going through a really difficult time regarding your well-being. That alone can be a huge cause for thinking too much into things.

• Finance – One of the most typical things we worry and overthink about. “My job doesn’t pay me enough for me to live” or “This month I have to decide anther I want to pay rent or eat” those can be things that may cause your brain to overflow.

Too much financial problems

• Limitations – This may be linked to your health, but for me, it goes beyond that. My health has limited me from doing things that a healthy well-functioning person may do with no problem. For example, I’m partially blind; therefore, I can’t drive. I also have diabetes, which means that I constantly have to monitore my glucose. There are so many things in my life that are limiting me towards becoming what I would like to achieve. Regardless of that, I try my best every day, and that alone is a huge accomplishment for me.

• Family – Believe it or not, family can be as hard and cruel to someone as any stranger along the streets. Family doesn’t always means a blood relationship. Family drama can make your life quite difficult. I basically grew up alone, me being my own mother and father. No family was there. No one saw the signs until it was somehow too late.

• Trauma – This has to be my main cause of overthinking too much. Trauma changes you. It marks you. It makes you become aware of your surroundings, to a point that you feel you can’t trust anyone, not even yourself. At nights, that’s the only thing that’s on your mind, and due to that overthinking, those hard moments lead you to have a night full of sleep deprivation, that later on, leads up to nightmares.

Worrying too much

• Society – Another of my constant debates, when it comes to what society wants you to do vs what you want to do. Remember, not everything that society dictates as good, it’s actually good. In fact, I’m almost sure that all these “social norms” are created for you just to obey what the people in power want. In my experience, I learned a long time ago to follow what I know it’s right. That being human rights.

• Environment – It’s hard living in today’s world where you go out of your house and you don’t know if you’ll be back or not. That alone makes you question if it is really worth it going out to the grocery store, or to work, or school. We’re not safe anywhere, and it’s so painfully draining seeing people in power who are supposed to be committed to making the world a better place, but they’re just destroying what we want. Destroying our rights as citizens, but must importantly, our rights as humans.

• Love – Now, this is one I personally can’t really relate, but at the same time, I can. You see, when we talk about love, our minds often go to a relationship type of love, but mine? Mine goes to all the love I never experienced. All the love I was neglected when I was a child. And now, while I’m slowly discovering who I am, I barely know what love really is. It’s a constant battle I have with myself.

• Religion – Yes, religion can be a big burden when it comes to your life. Those who are faithfully religious will make you feel like you have to live a lifestyle that you may not agree with.

I’m not gonna lie, all of those things keep me up at night and stress me out 95% of the time.

Im tired of worrying too much

As you see, a lot happens in a blink of an eye. Normal everyday things become too much to handle and it’s okay to take some time off if you’re feeling like that. There’s not an obligation for you to be a working human 24/7. Your mental health matters way more than what other people think. Of course, I know it’s easier said than done, but if it gets too much and you end up questioning “too much of what?” take the necessary steps regarding what’s good for you and you only. Remember, it is more than okay to say “no” to things you’re not interested in, nor have any desire in doing.

Do you experience a certain feeling too much? What causes it? How are you managing the situation? I would love to hear from you in the comment section down below.



Thank you for this post! Sometimes I have short anxiety moments and worry about things too much. This article really helped to provide clarity and insight towards how to cope with those feelings.

I like how you included all the possible places it comes from as well. Sometimes we tend to forget about all the stress in our lives and don’t take a moment to breathe. I appreciate you writing this article for people that suffer. Good job 🙂

Dec 16.2019 | 04:09 am


    Thank you for taking the time to read! 

    Dec 16.2019 | 04:50 am


The only question that pops into my head while reading all of this here is simple and straightforward. Why do I always think about things that I cannot control.
Truly, this post has expatiated exceptionally on the things that bother us as humans and how we can make sure to live above it, it has also helped to unlock the fact that I over think on the things I have no control over like death and all.
This is really well appreciated from you for sharing. Thumbs up

Dec 16.2019 | 04:11 am


    I’m almost sure that is a normal thing for us humans to do. We tend to dive in into the indescribable

    Dec 16.2019 | 04:53 am


Thanks for this post on how we worry our self too much and it’s affecting our state of mind since when I was small I have been having a bad state of mind, this is because of the condition my family is, very poor we can’t just afford some little things as a family, and presently have been trying to work and try to. Make things right but anytime I remember how the family is I lose hope, please what I do to get this right? should I continue working or forget about them and move on with my personal life???

Dec 16.2019 | 04:19 am


    What I’ve learned throughout these past few years is to do what’s best for YOU. No one in your family is living your life. You don’t have to cut them off unless they’re toxic and are having a serious negative effect on your mental health. 

    Dec 16.2019 | 04:56 am

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