What Are Introverts Good At?

What Are Introverts Good At?

There has always been a huge stigma regarding those of us who are introverts and enjoy the peace and serenity of being alone, in our own heads, or not doing anything that may take us out of our comfort zones.

Many people think that those who are introverts are either just lazy, antisocial, boring, too shy, too sensitive, among other things, but what are introverts good at? These are things that no one sees because some people are just too busy wasting their energy by judging others instead of understanding where that person is coming from, and what made them feel this way (which sometimes can be a big stretch since not everyone likes to openly talk about personal things).

Alright, enough of that, so let’s get into those things that introverts are good at.

Being Observant

As cliché as this may sound, introverts do pay so much attention to details, the change of tone in your voice, sensing when something is wrong, and even catching up to things that may seem oblivious to other people but not for them. Still, for them, it’s just a no brainier when it comes to analyzing the situation.


Most introverts spend time looking around and searching for small things such as: how your smile fades when you talk about a particular topic, the new painting in your living room, how your mood changes along with the weather, the way your eyes light up whenever you remember someone you love, or the tears that fall silently while you mourn the ones that have been lost, things like that we pay very close attention to those small details. Those kind of things do not go unnoticed by introverts, and the reason for that is because they need to understand their surroundings in order to fully interact with another person.

A lot of times, introverts are the ones who spot things out of the ordinary, which can also be taken as a negative aspect by themselves, and that is because they can sense flaws, concepts, and ideas that are not worth exploring. Those things can lead to a lot of anxiety because there’s no way an introvert will tell someone if their idea is not a good one. Even if it burns in the back of their heads, introverts would rather stay on the good and positive side of things than having to deal with the uncomfortable situation that may occur if they speak up. Just like people who struggle with anxiety, introverts tend to overthink a lot of different scenarios of “what if’s” and all the possibilities of something going wrong.

Having Deep Conversations

All of that, “what’s up?” “how’s the weather?” “I’m bored” type of conversations are just non-senses that never lead to a more in-depth, more outstanding conversation. They always lead towards awkward moments of “what do I say?” because it comes to a point where there’s nothing to add to a simple “okay” type of text, or even if it is a verbal conversation.

IntrovertsPeople often think that introverts are boring, but that is not the case. Introverts are all in for meaningful conversations. We want to know your aspirations,thoughts, opinions, dreams and everything your mind is portraying. It doesn’t matter the topic as long as there is a more profound connection behind the simple sentences, and not just void answers filled with unspoken words.

Introverts Are Good Animal Owners

Introverts enjoy spending quality time with their furry friends. They even like spending more time with their pets than with actual humans, and that is because animals tend to portray a sense of serenity, understanding, and unconditional love that no matter how you feel, they will always be there with you to brighten up your day; something that not all humans can do.

Introverts just tend to sympathize with the pet. In some cases, they can even help the pet go through an anxious episode, or if they’re having a hard time, an introvert usually knows how to handle it because they’ve been doing the same thing with themselves for so long, and it also gives them a feeling of gratitude and accomplishment by helping out those in need; even if they’re just four-legged furry friends.

Good Listeners

As I said before, introverts don’t like small talks. Instead, they rather have long and deep conversations about why you believe in conspiracy theories rather than one-worded chats. Because of that, introverts love giving specific attention to those in need of a helping hand.They love listening to other people because they know how hard it is to open up and express their feelings completely; therefore, they will give you all of their attention and unconditional support whenever you need it, or if you just need a hug.
What are introverts good at

Introverts are most likely very sensitive when it comes to pain and being hurt because they have such good intentions and want what’s best for you; they will try to help you solve whatever it is that you’re going through. They can sense when you’re hurt, sad, and angry, so they’ll manage to do everything in their power to help you ease those feelings.

Being emphatic is one of the most important qualities for introverts, and because of that, they’re not just good listeners, but they can also read between the lines. They’re observant and analytical so that they will go through every single detail you have mentioned, the words you use, how you speak, your body language, among other things. You can’t find a better friend, listener and support system than an introvert.

Understanding Themselves

As a mentally ill person who suffers from severe depression, anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD, I have always thought that I didn’t know myself; I still believe that, but what I do know about myself is the wisdom my mind carries and how it shows in times of need and my everyday life.

As the saying goes, quiet people have the loudest minds. Introverts are usually stuck in their heads most of the time over-analyzing, trying to find solutions, preparing what they’ll say in a specific situation, etc. Inner monologues are some of the most-used coping mechanisms since, again, they don’t like being too loud or stressing over what others may think. It’s a draining and stressful sense of identification, but it can also be beneficial for you and your needs. As I’ve said before, anxiety can go hand-in-hand with being an introvert but keep in mind that both are completely different things.


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  1. I always appreciate people that study special people, I’m not so good at defining people so I always take my time to read about the different behavioral health that different humans have. It’s very nice to read through this resourceful article, introverts are really special, this is interesting to read.

  2. Well I can resonate with this better because I am also an In trovert. What you shared here is really massive and you got it all right. To be very honest, making it well enough by engaging in the right chats can really make everything worthy to see here. I value it all here and it can really make the whole difference on the world. Thank you so much for sharing here

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