Talkspace Review – Is It Worth It?

Dealing with your emotions can be so exhausting and draining. Reaching out for help seems scary, and if you’re feeling like that, it’s okay. You’re not alone.

Traditional therapy can be expensive, not to mention it takes forever to get an appointment for your first visit. Online therapy is an amazing option if you’re looking to save money and also save time.

Just because it is an online program, that doesn’t mean that it won’t help or that it won’t work for you. I’ve been in that same situation, wondering if it’s really worth it, and let me tell you…it has actually helped me.

You know the saying, you’ll never know until you try it.

If you’re here, you were probably trying to figure out if Talkspace is actually worth all the hype. Research is a big key towards making a decision. For that matter, I hope my Talkspace review helps you, and gives you an insider on how this online therapy system works.

Talkspace review

Name: Talkspace


Price: It starts at $65/wk

Overall Rank: 8.5/10

Recommended: Yes

Keep reading the full review because I have a huge bonus waiting for you!

What is Talkspace?

Talkspace Overview

Talkspace is an online therapy program. Therapy in this platform consists of a certified therapist helping you explore and understand, in a more in-depth manner, your concerns. They will help you find solutions to whatever it is that you’re going through, just as any traditional face-to-face therapist. Making you feel comfortable enough to overcome your fears and concerns is one of their main goals.

Once you sign up, you will immediately connect with a professional that will help you find what your concerns are, and after you choose a plan (I will get into that later on), they will send you a short questionnaire to see what are your preferences regarding a therapist so they can match you with the best therapist for your needs. In fact, if you’re matched with a therapist that you don’t feel comfortable with, you can request a change of therapist. Just so you can have an idea, they have over 2,000 certified therapists, there’s always going to be one for you.

Every session varies depending on your needs and priorities.

The Good & the Bad

What are some of the good things this service offers?

PRO #1: It’s more affordable than traditional therapy, and you can message your therapist whenever you need to. There’s not really a limit on how many times you can message them.

PRO #2: If you suffer from social anxiety, this will be an amazing tool for you. Especially since you don’t really have to sit through an entire face-to-face session with someone.

PRO #3: You can log in through their website, or you can download their Talkspace app which may be more convenient for some people

It sounds appealing so far, doesn’t it?

Talkspace screenchot review

But what are the things that I didn’t like from this platform?

CON #1: They don’t have weekly billing methods.

CON #2: Your assigned therapist will respond 1-3 times a day 5/days a week (which isn’t really a con for a lot of people, but for me it is)

CON #3: It’s flexible, but not that flexible. You won’t get a quick reply unless you schedule one.

Who is Talkspace For?

I know some people are a little skeptical about these types of services, or maybe they’re having trouble with something but don’t want to actually make a face-to-face appointment with a therapist. Talkspace can be for absolutely anyone who needs help dealing with a certain situation. This platform can also be for some of us who need someone, just to talk with, whom can give you tools and advice regarding a specific problem in your life, and not just a general therapy session.

They provide help regarding:

• Addiction

• Anxiety

• Eating Disorders

• PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)

• Depression

• Relationships

• LGBT+ issues

Is There More To It?

You can track all of your process and milestones whenever you like. Before you choose a therapist, you can actually see their backgrounds regarding their profession, experience and what they specialize in.

Talkspace review

Keep track of absolutely everything you’re doing and all of your accomplishments.

Talkspace review

Do you feel like you’re done with your therapy sessions? Are you feeling any better and would like to close your case? You can. It is not obligatory to continue with your subscription, unless you’re actually feeling like it’s doing a lot of good in your life, because if so, then please continue. There’s nothing more important than being at peace with your mind.

Talkspace reviews

You can also access the platform through any mobile device or laptop.

You will get the chance to keep track of your journey and that includes pre-treatment, introduction, orientation from your therapist, your initial assessment and all the process overview.

Talkspace Price

You choose what best fits you!

Talkspace legit or scam• If you want only a messaging type of communication with your therapist, you can have that. The options will include texting, audio, and video messaging. You will get a guaranteed response from your therapist 5 days/week. It’s the first option that will be $65/wk.

• The second option is messaging via the platform text, audio, and video. Plus, it includes one live session with your therapist that can be either by phone or a video call. You schedule it so it can be suitable for you. This plan offers messaging 5 days/week plus the live session (30 minutes long). This option is at $79/wk

• Their third offer includes text, video, and audio messaging plus 4 live sessions that are 30 minutes long as well. Responses are guaranteed 5 days/week. This option is currently at $99/wk

These can be paid monthly, every 3 months (10% off), or they can be billed every 6 months (20% off).

You can even talk with your therapist to schedule a continued messaging session in real-time as if you were face-to-face with them.

My Final Opinion of Talkspace

I have seen a couple of online therapy sites over the years. I haven’t tried them all, but I have tried some of them. Thus far, Talkspace has been my favorite one. It’s affordable, not to mention easy to use.

I deal with anxiety and depression on a daily basis, and it has not, in any way, been easy. I’ve had ups and downs, but luckily there are options out there for everyone, and for me, this has been one of the few ones that actually helps.

If you’re like me, you probably struggle with social anxiety and it may be a little stressful to have a face-to-face conversation with a therapist. For that alone, you can reach out to an online program that can actually help you improve yourself and manage your emotions.

So, in conclusion, is Talkspace legit? Yes. It is! Though, do keep in mind that since it’s an online program, it may not work for everyone for whatever reasons it may be.

is Talkspace legit

If you are interested, I recommend you checking them out to see if it’s a fit for you.

However, if you sign up using this link right here, and using the code “1004U” when you choose your plan, you can get $100 off your first month! Sweet deal, isn’t it? You’d be paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars with traditional therapy which can be really crucial for you and your income. With Talkspace, while saving you time, and headache from waiting in a doctor’s office for hours, you can sign up today, get $100 off your first month and you start right away! Don’t miss out on this offer. Sign up now!

Talkspace has stated in a recent study that they found that 92% of clients in this platform found improvement in as little as 2 months with their toughest problems. Even if you sign up for just a month It may help you start your journey towards healing.

Disclaimer: If you’re struggling with severe depression or suicidal thoughts, please seek emergency help.

13 thoughts on “Talkspace Review – Is It Worth It?”

  1. Interesting post, I hadn’t heard of talkSpace before. I have social anxiety and depression and see a behavioral therapist once a week. It costs $100 for each one hour visit but luckily my Washington State health insurance pays for all of it. So if talkSpace therapy is only $65 per week, then it should save some people a lot of money over time. Quite a bit actually if my therapy cost is anywhere near average (I don’t know?). Thanks for the post it’s an important topic.

  2. Truly, traditional therapy can be so expensive and also hard to get into in the term of getting an appointment, I’ve been there before and I can testify to this fact. This a very good option you’ve provided, Talkspace is a good idea and it will be of great help to so many people, online therapy sessions are not that common I think and if one is seen to be effective, it will make great wave. Many people are in need of this, I’ll share this article around to some other platforms I’m part of. Thanks a lot for this.

  3. Wow! Talkspace is actually offering a great help to most people like me who feels very awkward talking to another physically especially about things going on with us. Hence, seeing this offer here presented by Talkspace, I am very delighted to see here and I will surely check them out. Having an offer to talk to a therapist through the online medium is simply amazing and that would bring quite a lot of ease with it. Thank you for sharing

  4. A very remarkable idea of getting to talk to your therapy from anywhere you want. It’s human nature to get entangled in several situations where you’ll need someone to talk to, and not having much opportunity for some people have led them to making some awful decision.  Talkspace emerges to be a wonderful idea which can help save wrong actions we make when we don’t have a guide in form of a therapist. It’s really nice to see that it also comes as an app and the pricing is cheaper than the traditional therapy session.

  5. Talkspace is a very useful online therapy program, I discovered that getting to book a session in traditional therapy is very hard and it takes time so having an online therapy program like this is very good since it’s as effective as it can be and it’s also affordable, I think it’ll serve as great substitute in cases where traditional therapy is not available for reach. It’s so thoughtful of you to share this article.

  6. This is the first time I have heard of talkspace and if you don’t mind counselling online sounds like a great way to go. Traditional therapy can be expensive and it can take days or more to get an appointment. The simple fact you have so much access for both has got to make it ideal for many who need therapy

  7. This is an interesting concept and I’m glad to see it reveiwed. The price at first seems a bit high, but with a good rating it could actually work out to be a good value. You mention weekly prices but also that they don’t have any weekly billing options, so I’m a little confused. Is the billing done on a monthly basis only, or are there other options for members?

    1. They charge you on a weekly basis but you have to pay for the whole month. For example, if a weekly session is $5 dollars then it’ll be 5×4 = $20 a month (that’s just an example)

  8. I’m 100% in for the idea of online therapy. Was only doubting their legitimacy as they are a lot of scam online businesses out there but thanks to you, I feel I can trust them. It sounds so much better than having to wait long periods of time for a single appointment. Not to mention,  having to pay lots of money too, these are the main reasons I wouldn’t want to go to the local therapists. I think this also helps these who may not have confidence in person.

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