Positive Mental Health Facts – My Take On Them

Positive Mental Health facts Dealing with a mental illness can be so draining, but we already knew that. Let’s talk about some positive mental health facts. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, is this real or is this some made-up topic? This is because we’re tired of reading all the negative things about this issue. We sometimes forget all the good things in our journey through life so we end up neglecting the good, to make it seem as if absolutely everything was something bad. I am gonna break it down to you in a not-so complicated way, but remember, this is based on my experience and my take on this topic.

What Mental Health Means

Before we jump into the aspects of actual positive mental health facts, let’s defy first what mental health really is.

A good position of the mental health establishment is defined by most people as:

• A state of well-being

• Knowing what you’re capable of doing

• Dealing with stress in a way that doesn’t actually make you even more stressed

• Being productive

• Making your own decisions and contributing to what your daily life requires

So, basically, it means having a good mindset and state of mind in which you’re comfortable with yourself.

How Can It Be Defined As Positive?

Yes, I know, most of us only know mental health as a negative aspect, but have we really thought about all the good in what’s negative? This is in no way normalizing that a mental illness is beneficial in any way, but rather stating a point that there are good and positive mental health facts out there that we sometimes overlook, or maybe we don’t even know they are there in the first place.

For example, dealing with depression can be a torture to your well-being and it can get worse over time, but let’s concentrate on the other aspect of it, what positive impact it may have? Well, let me break it down for you

• First of all, we have a knowledge and view of life that even thought it’s not always positive, but at times it tends to be more meaningful.

• Having the chance to actually get help from a professional (to which I completely recommend! I have been doing so for the last 3 years).

• Making new connections with people.

Those are just my first take on depression but imagine if we could find all the good things when things aren’t really good.

The Process of Learning

It may seem like everything that’s happening right now in your life is just something – another thing – to add to your ”failure list”, and it’s okay if you have one, we all have bad days, but always remember not to let your circumstances defy you as the human being that you are today. Most of us do, have a collection of things that we don’t like about ourselves, but even though we have to deal with that list on a daily basis since our minds decide out of nowhere that it could be a good idea having to spend sleepless hours, sometimes five nights a week, or even worse all week thinking about that specific thing, but the good news is that we can change that. We have the power to do so, that alone is wonderful.

No, I’m not saying you are going to sleep throughout the night, much less implying that modifying your usual ways may stop your brain from coming up with these types of entangled thoughts.

I used to be the type of person that would sleep between 2-4 hours each night and sometimes I would go two days without closing my eyes. What did I do to chance this negative aspect of my life and turn it into something a more positive? I started my journey with a professional that knew exactly what I was feeling and someone who could help me make some arrangements throughout my day for a better night rest. Thanks to that I can actually say I’ve been sleeping better and actually have a not so anxiety-inducing type of experience. My depression and anxiety are still there, but getting better was on my ”to-do list” so that’s what I did.

You May…

There are going to be times when there’s so much negativity that you will think about giving up on whatever positive thing may come along the way and that’s completely normal. That happens to me all the time. The goal here is not to let those negative thoughts control our mentalities. I know what you’re thinking ”easier said than done”, but if you don’t try, or at least work towards that one happy place inside of you, then you may never know what wonderful thing is waiting for you on the next step of your journey. You’ve already been through so much and you’re still fighting. Even if you think of giving up, don’t! You got this. You’re a fighter and you should feel proud for that, and for getting this far into life. That alone is a great accomplishment and something to add to your “positive” list.

What Have We Learned?

It’s completely up to you what you do with your life. No one can tell you what to do or how to feel, but sometimes wanting to feel better is on the top of our priorities and we keep postponing it because we’re afraid it’s not going to turn out okay, we’re scared of failure, we’re scared of being misunderstood, or judged so we think that it’s better to just forget about it and let it go. The problem with letting go is that you really can’t let go. No matter how much you try, your mind does not have a delete button.

If you want a more positive lifestyle then I recommend you set up a list of your future goals, but make it in a way that you’ll feel proud and accomplished of what you’re trying to do. No matter how sad or angry we are, there is always something you can look forward to. That may be watching a movie, listening to your favorite song, talking with a friend, writing etc. There are a million things you can do to start having a better and positive lifestyle. Again, I’m not saying you’re going to be cured and that you’re going to live a happy life, but there are things that can actually make your life so much better.

If you want to share your thoughts on this topic of positive mental health facts, or if you would like to say what are those things that make you happy, or those people that continue to do every day something to turn this world into a more positive one, please let me know in the comments down below.

It only takes one person to start a revolution. You’re the only one that has control over your decisions.

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  1. Hello dear Stephanie,
    I really appreciate this blog about mental illness and the health of the mind, because it is very important for someone’s life. To be honest I couldn’t think positive for a big period of time, so I had constant anxiety and stress. And it was really bad. However, I have managed to control my mind in most cases and now I’m feeling much better. As you said, setting future goals can help a lot with positive thinking too! Thank you!

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