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Genius Joy Review – Know The Facts

Genius Joy Review The state of the world right now is something that affects our mental stability making it hard for us to work, concentrate, not overthink, and even take care of ourselves. If

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by Stephanie | 7:24 am

Father’s Day – A Letter To An Absent Father

Father’s Day – An Open Letter To An Absent Father Dear father, Being in my mid-twenties has shown me that in your lifetime you have to learn to walk on your own because there’s

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by Stephanie | 11:48 pm

Lying And Survival – How Lying Affects A Child’s Mentality

Lying And Survival Growing up in abusive households doesn’t really add any positive things to your life, but of course, we already know that. In fact, growing up in that situation makes you learn

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How To Change My Life

How To Change My Life? A question I’m sure most of us have asked ourselves ever since we hit that midlife crisis in our early years. By midlife crisis, I am talking about that

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