by Stephanie Ramos | 4:01 am

A Look Inside My Mind

There’s so many things that lingers inside a writer’s mind. One of my main issues is trying to convince myself that my critical thinking doesn’t need to be influenced by other people or their

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by Stephanie Ramos | 6:51 am

Best Online Therapy Services – The Beneficts Of Online Therapy

A few years ago, if we wanted help regarding our mental health, we had to get up, find a directory and hope for the best regarding finding a health care professional. Now, people are reaching

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by Stephanie Ramos | 6:05 pm

Alternatives For College – I Don’t Want A Degree

I’m not sure how many of you can actually say that you had an amazing experience during high-school, but I am almost sure most of you will say that you hated it.  The amount

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by Stephanie Ramos | 7:51 pm

Signs And Symptoms Of An Anxiety Disorder – The Basics

Research and data have found that nearly 18% of Americans suffer from anxiety. It has also been stated that 8% of children and teenagers experience an anxiety disorder with most people developing symptoms before

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by Stephanie Ramos | 9:22 pm

Mental Health and Poetry -What You Need To Know

There’s something about the art of writing while dealing with your mental stability that simply amazes me. Your mind can be full of overwhelming things or memories, but one thing that can be developed

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by Stephanie Ramos | 10:56 pm

Hobbies For Introverts – Find New Hobbies and Make Money

Being an introvert can have its ups and downs, but what productive thing can we do to feel like we’re not wasting our time? Follow me through this journey to get some ideas on

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by Stephanie Ramos | 9:01 pm

Ways to Cope With Social Anxiety – Is it Really Possible?

Are there really ways to cope with social anxiety? If I’m being honest, I’m not sure. Social anxiety is different for everyone. It’s an endless battle with your thoughts and how people perceive you

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by Stephanie Ramos | 11:53 pm

Sleep Disorder And Depression – How Are They Connected?

A lot of people still can’t figure out how sleep disorders and depression meet the necessary standards to be categorized as part of the mental health spectrum. Yes, depression is part of the mental

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by Stephanie Ramos | 8:00 pm

Positive Mental Health Facts – My Take On Them

Dealing with a mental illness can be so draining, but we already knew that. Let’s talk about positive mental health facts. I’m sure you’re asking course, is this real or is this some made-up

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by Stephanie Ramos | 1:40 am

Abusive Parents Stories

Abusive parents only want one thing, and that is to make themselves feel powerful while forgetting their child’s actual needs. It’s not too hard to understand that having a little person who completely depends

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