10 Ways To Cope With Stress

10 Ways To Cope With Stress

Life is full of stressful situations, whether it is due to work, friends, family, or financial problems, and in times like the one that we’re currently living; it can potentially alter how we emotionally feel. Believe me, I have been dealing with that as well.

Because I know how draining it is to deal with stress – I have decided to share with you some of my ways to deal with it. More precisely 10 ways to cope with stress.

Stress is inevitable. It happens to all of us. We have all been through stressful situations regardless of what they may be. Some of us deal with it on a daily basis due to our mental health, and others deal with it due to their current situations. Not every stressful situation is dealt with in the same way and we should keep that in mind when acknowledging someone who is also struggling with stress.

ways to cope with stress

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor so anything that is stated in this post is purely based on personal experiences and research.

10 Ways To Cope With Stress

1. Stop Trying To Fix Other People

When trying to cope with stress we often try to either avoid the situation, or we go in-depth digging for answers that we may not find immediately. Stress can sometimes lead to an urge to fix everything that’s around us and help others find the answers that they may need, and as much as it’s an amazing thing to help others, we can’t focus on fixing their situations and putting aside ours. Believe me, that’ll only add more stress to your circumstances.

Helping others and trying to fix them are two completely different things that we need to carefully understand and separate so we don’t cause more harm to ourselves, nor to the other person. Always know your limits.

2. Respect How You Feel

Stress should not be taken like a “don’t worry” type of situation when it is affecting your life and the way you view life as well. There’s a lot of strength in vulnerability and being open with yourself and with others about how you feel is in no way a sign of weakness, nor something that you should feel ashamed of feeling. Acknowledging how you feel can help you better understand your situation and how you can potentially find a solution or a way to manage your stress.

Of course, everyone copes with stress and their mental struggles in a different way. Not being open about how you feel is not a requirement to solve a problem; you can keep everything to yourself and eventually put all of the pieces back together, but remember that we can only carry so much weight and ignoring something that’s damaging your life can also lead to more serious issues (ex. depression, anxiety, panic disorders, intrusive thoughts).

3. Don’t Postpone It

Oftentimes people confuse anxiety and stress so they think that they’re both the same thing when in reality they’re completely different. Anxiety usually prevents you from focusing and doing other things that don’t include a specific stressful situation. With stress, you’re mostly focused on a particular situation and trying to figure out ways in which you can solve your problems; that doesn’t mean that you will be unable to focus on other things.

Lucios with stress

If something needs to be done then do it. Don’t leave it for tomorrow. Leaving it for another time can potentially cause you even more stress due to pilling up your ongoing agenda.

4. Play With A Dog

Just a little bit over a year ago I decided to adopt a dog. Being mentally ill is a huge struggle and sometimes we need something, or someone, to keep us motivated and with the blind hope of getting through another day. My dog has done exactly that. She keeps me motivated, brings out a smile every day to my face, makes me feel like I’m doing something good and not wasting my life, and she also has the potential to calm me during stressful situations and make me feel like everything will be alright regardless of what may be happening in my life.

Dogs can sense when something is wrong and when you’re not feeling okay. Just a couple of months ago I had to get a surgical procedure on my eye and I was unable to do things on my own, I was also told that I could not have her around me due to potential infections and for the sake of my eye. My dog, Olivia, is a really playful and full of energy puppy and she completely understood that I was not doing okay. I couldn’t see her the first day of surgery because my eye had a patch and I’m blind from my other eye, but I could touch her and I felt her trembling. I was too scared to have her near me because I didn’t want to harm my eye but someone brought her near me and she just sat next to the sofa and when she was about to be taken away she started crying. She has never done that before. It was a very stressful couple of weeks during recovery but she kept me sane. She understood my boundaries when I needed her to understand and she acknowledged that I was in pain. Petting her brought me down to my place and it helped me during recovery. Having her near me and feeling like I wasn’t alone was a huge and important aspect on my recovery process.

5. Watch A TV Show

As the big TV show fanatic that I am, I completely recommend finding a good show to watch and distract your mind from what’s happening in your surroundings. This is my go-to whenever I feel stressed and can’t find a way to solve my problem. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to TV shows; some people like comedy, other action, but I personally prefer crime and drama shows. If I may suggest a TV show for anyone to binge-watch that would have to be Law and Order: SVU.

cope with stressThat is one of the best crime dramas out there and the longest currently running one. Do keep in mind that it can be triggering as well. Other alternatives and good shows that I can personally recommend include
  • Dexter
  • Nashville
  • Bates Motel
  • Will & Grace
  • Younger
  • The Fosters
  • How To Get Away With Murder

You can watch some of these TV shows on Hulu. Click here to learn more!

6. Keep A Journal

I have been doing this ever since I was a teenager and keeping all of my spontaneous thoughts on it has quite helped me in a lot of ways. Not only does keeping a journal helps you to distract your mind while you write all of your thoughts and ideas, but it can also help you regarding your memory state. I’m currently in my mid-twenties and I’m constantly forgetting everything; the smallest things like taking my pills, what I did 5 minutes ago, my phone, I constantly struggle with how much I forget things. You could think that it only happens to the elderly but no. A lot of things can impact memory loss; for me, it has been my mental illnesses and thyroid problems.

7. Read A Poem

I know, this sounds too cliché to be considered a way to cope with stress but believe it or not, a lot of people find peace and serenity in poetry; in the work of others. There are so many good poems out there and so many that are not allowed to flourish because the authors are not known people.

Poetry can be an escape for so many of us and even writing poetry you can find a sense of relief and understanding when you find a writer that resonates with you or your situation.

I’m in no way a poet, nor do I consider myself one but if you would like to read some of my pieces I will leave them right here.

8. Listen To Your Favorite Songs

Another cliché stress manager that works. Like poetry, music also has a calming sense of peace to it. The lyrics, the melody, the production, the song as a whole, can have a great outcome when it comes to calmness and serenity. We all have our favorite artists that have the potential to make us feel at ease and less stressed. For me, that artist is Taylor Swift; an amazing songwriter and storyteller. Storytelling in music may be some of my favorite concepts when it comes to music. There’s just something so relaxing about listening to a story but in a more in-depth musical way. If interested, I will link my favorite playlist which includes some of the songs that help me ease my mind and unfold how I manage my stress. Some of them are sad, other are fun, but they all make me feel something different and that’s another of my favorite things about music; the diversity of it.

9. Talk To A Professionalhow to cope with stress

Sometimes there’s so much more to bear with than just a stressful situation. As mentioned before, stress can lead to a more serious mental disorder, and to prevent that, if necessary, please reach out to a professional. No matter how small your problem and situation are, it’s better to fill in the blanks that your subconscious has convinced you to believe than ignoring your feelings and potentially feeling even worse. During these hard times I know there’s a struggle when making appointments with any therapist but I have a good alternative for you that involves not leaving your house. Online-Therapy has been working to help those who need to talk to a certified therapist that can help you and give you strategies to work with yourself. Highly recommended. Click here if you want to learn more or try this platform. You can obtain a 20% off with the following link.

10. Do Something New

Trying new things can be scary and challenging; even more when you’re stressed and your attention is focused on something else. Trying something new whether is writing, going on walks, cooking, knitting, or whatever it is that you may be interested in. This can not only be a huge distraction but it can also help you develop a new hobby, or create a new habit that will benefit you, or just simply make you happy and calm.

9 thoughts on “10 Ways To Cope With Stress”

  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I normally know how to deal with my stress and what did help me a lot was meditation. I always wake up in the morning and take 5-10 minutes to relax my mind and clear it from all negative things I also like to do new things as you say it is scary and challenging, but I love to take risks. What’s a good way to deal with people with stress?

    1. These have been some of the things that have helped me get through some stressful situations. It is always important to remember that not everybody deals with stress in the same way. 

  2. In today’s time when everything is subordinated to material things and specifically career, stress is inevitable. People work on jobs they don’t like, with people they don’t get along with because of money, but they leave inner satisfaction and peace aside. The moment we become most important to ourselves and when we finally start to do something for ourselves, that is the moment when stress will stay far behind us. And for a start with these 10 tips, following them step by step we can develop that awareness. Great article

    1. Thank you for your input and your feedback. Stress is inevitable but we can always find something to ease that tension. 

  3. Your ten suggestions on dealing with stress opened my eyes to new ways to deal with stress. I can say that stress is a part of living. It comes to everybody. But each person may adopt different strategies to deal with them. 

    I don’t think humans deal with stress in one particular way. Because time, location, circumstance, etc., may dictate how to deal with any stress. For example, how I deal with noise stress in my house is totally different than how I deal with it in a restaurant. 

    However, I learned something new from the distinction you made between anxiety and stress. In fact, I thought the two were the same. Or more accurately, one is a result of or follows the other. How? If you don’t remove the reason for your stress, anxiety will move in. In other words, one follows the other. 

    I read your post with interest. Thanks for sharing. 

  4. These are some great tips to help with stress. I’ve been in some pretty stressful situations with my family over the past 20 years and it has really helped to have my dog and know that watching a happy movie or reading a nice novel can really bring my stress levels down. I also use gentle exercise like yoga or even a dancing class on my tv to bring up my endorphins levels to feel better. Sometimes you can’t fix that stressful situation and that’s ok too but finding a way to feel less stressed is crucial to stopping it from becoming a way of life.

    I hope you are feeling better and more balanced today. I loved your puppy story, they are so special.

    1. Family situations are always stressful, but it’s nice to know that you have ways in which you can distract yourself from getting too overwhelmed. 

      Dogs really are a great companionship! 

  5. In this modern fast-paced world, we are bound to encounter some degree of stress. I agree with your 10 ways to cope with stress. Having a positive mindset is also important hence we should always surround ourselves with positive-minded people. Dealing with our own personal issues can be challenging and negative-minded people will only drag us deeper.

    1. Completely agree with your train of thoughts. It’s enough having your own stressful situations but to add more stress due to other people’s lack of empathy and comprehension is extremely overwhelming. 

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